How to Add or/and Modify Users & Groups Permission in Internal Web site from SBS Server 2011

On the Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard Console, click on Shared Folders and Web Sites, click on the Web Sites Tab, select Internal Web site then click on Manage permissions.

Shared Folders and Website

On the Internal Web site Properties, make sure Permissions is selected then from the drop down menu of Select the Web site role to change, select the Group, in this Tutorial we will select Windows SBS SharePoint_Visitors Group, then click on Modify to continue.

Internal WEb site properties

On the Change Group Membership page you may add the Users and Groups, from this tutorial we will add Biller-Temp then click on OK to continue.

Add or Remove Users

Change Grp Membership

Click Apply then OK, you have successfully changed a User’s Permission in Internal Web Site.

user added - final

Note:  For advanced permission, you may do this from SharePoint 2010 (version may vary) Central Administration. See this Tutorial.

Assigning User Permission in SharePoint 2010

If you are a Network Administrator in your company and would like to give a limited access or proper permission to the Intranet Users, I have prepared this Tutorial to walk you through the process of assigning the proper permission to the Users, whether you wish to grant a Full Control, Full Read, Deny Write, Deny All or a Customized permission.

To begin, open SharePoint 2010 Central Administration, click on Central Administration, click on Application Management then click on Manage web applications.

Central Administration

In the Web Applications Tab, click on the SharePoint site name (SBS SharePoint).

Web App Mgmnt

In the Web Applications Tab, click on the User Policy, then click on Add Users.

Web App Mgmnt 2

In the Add Users page, select the Zone, in this tutorial we will select Intranet, click on Next to Continue.

Add Users

In the Add Users page, type the Active Directory User that you wish to give the proper permission to, then click on Finish.

Add Users-Read Access

This concludes the Tutorial in Assigning User Permission in SharePoint 2010.

Note: You may to go back from the Policy for Web Application page to edit the User’s permission if needed.