How to Allow or Block a Website or URL by using GPO in Windows Server 2008

Requirements: Windows Server 2003 R2 or above versions (Windows 2008 & Windows Server 2012) Domain Controller

In this Tutorial we will be using Windows Server 2008 server, the procedure that you are about to read will be similar to Windows Server 2003 R2 and Windows Server 2012.

Open up the Group Policy Management Editor and locate the Organizational Unit (OU), expand User Configuration, expand Windows Settings, expand Internet Explorer then click on Security and double click Security Zones and Content Ratings.

On the Security and Privacy Settings properties, under Content Ratings select Import the current Content Ratings settings, then click on Modify Settings then click OK.

Security Zones Content Ratings

On Content Advisor properties, click on Approved Sites tab, in Allow this website you may select Always, to Allow a website then click OK.

Allow site

Allow Website

or  choose Never to block a website then click OK.

Content Advisor pic1

Content Advisor

24 thoughts on “How to Allow or Block a Website or URL by using GPO in Windows Server 2008

  1. I applied above all the procedure in 2003 but my domain users still views all the websites which i don’t want. Please help me how can i allow only trusted websites which i added as per your instructions.

  2. How about if I’m not using IE browser because as of this time many preferred for Chrome or Firefox. I will be glad to know the answer.

    • Hi Grace,

      Sorry for the very long delayed replying to your concern. If there are a variety of Browsers used in your network I’d suggest using a Proxy server or Open DNS. If you have a hardware firewall like Sonicwall using the content filtering and/or Adding Rules to block certain sites, it will also suffice.

      Hope this helps.

      • please i need that fix very soon as i dont have any firewalls -only the domin and need to block some sites – hope to have answer from you with more explanation

      • You will need to reach out to your Network Admin, there might be some restrictions in your network that only he/she can change. There are other ways to have illegal sites blocked and again, only your Admin can deal with it.

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  4. Hi…do you know any proxy server good for 100 users only. I want to use it in my domain just to deny/allow specific sites. I am a beginner in domain environment.

    • Hello, first off thank you for visiting my site. In regards to your concern, if you have a router and have access to its settings, it’s easier to block sites. Have you tried my tutorial on how to do this in GPO?

      • Dears,

        It works perfect! Your a life time saver. But I’m curious, what kind of router can block sites?It is a cisco router?

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